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"The key to progress in any chosen area of growth, whether that growth be in our health, our relationships, or our profession, is to gain full clarity around our emotional weaknesses when under stress.  With full clarity comes access to full potential."

Susan Denee

Meet Susan Denee

Hi, my name is Susan Denee.  I'm a mentor and life coach to dozens of women for over 17 years, and founder of Growth Spurt Your Life!  A company I founded to help provide support and guidance through teaching a unique set of tools and action steps to assist women in experiencing a shift in perception allowing them to grow to be their best higher self within their relationships, health, professions, and emotions.  A woman emotional elevation coach.

I'm a recovered alcoholic and drug addict celebrating 19 years of sobriety for 2020! As a result of my own journey I found passion in helping others gain clarity in their lives.  I'm an avid public speaker with a desire to help thousands from the stage.

My resume:  

  • High Performance Certified Coach
  • Sponsor and mentor to dozens of women recovering from addiction and alcoholism for over 17 years.
  • Health Enthusiast who loves to run at 5 am. 
  • Marketing Director of a Collection Agency in the Seattle Puget Sound.
  • Prior CEO of a Real Estate Investment Corporation. 

I believe motivation combined with clarity of mind and a spiritual foundation are key components to living a successful life!

I believe we each have our own individual “crazy” which we need to embrace, respect and learn about to achieve the seemingly impossible.

As a young girl raised in an alcoholic home, I remember having a clear thought of “There must be something better out there.” I had hope and trust that amazing things can be possible for anyone if they are willing to set their mind to it and do the work.  My mission is to be of service to the individual in need of some sisterly guidance, and to assist coaches, mentors, and leaders to growing their insight to better serve their own students.

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"Susan was there in the beginning so I wouldn’t take a drink. She has been there for me over 6 years, helping me understand what living a happy sober life is about. She helped me realize my self-worth. She has pointed out areas in my life that could use more focus rather than settling for “the way it is". Susan has an intuitive way of listening and will give an honest opinion about a situation or struggle. She is a mentor, friend, confident, sponsor and my life coach. I owe my sobriety and happiness to her. "

Janine P
Clinic Administrator Bothell, WA

"I am more than grateful for Susan and her role in my life. I would not be who I am today without her, and just as important- I like who I am today! I had no idea how much that mattered before I started this work, but I am so glad to be at this point today. "

Kat R.
Treatment Center Director, Kirkland WA

"Susan has guided me to seeing the emotional underlying issues which previously blocked me. She has provided a solution to my mistaken beliefs about myself and the world around me. I love the straightforwardness of Susan's approach when I ask for her assistance. She will always tell me the truth and always encourage me to find the solution within myself. Over the years, I have maintained my sobriety, regained healthy and loving relationships with my family. I have a great career where I actually manage other humans! She has aided me in finding what I need vs want in an intimate relationship. I have a regained sense of self-worth and self-confidence, and compassion for the people around me. I am a fortunate and blessed woman thanks to the work Susan has walked me through. "

Sondra H.
Customer Service Manager, Bellevue WA

What do the worlds most successful people do to achieve their greatness?  For starters, you will hear them talk about the coaches, the mentors, and leaders who guided and assisted them to greater influence and purpose.  One on one coaching provides this guidance in 12 sessions.  Your first session is free, consider it a get to know you session to see if we are a match! Don't hesitate this time, the first step is always the decision followed by immediate action.



Growth Spurt Your Life is grounded in the belief we have 4 key areas of life in which we get to experience growth spurts.  Those are our emotions, our relationships, our health, and our professional lives.  Growth Spurt Your Emotions Course is the first of the four courses of each area.  It is a 5 week course specifically designed to address emotional growth, therefore enhancing our peace, calmness, and joy on a day to day basis. The 5 week course includes 3 videos each week where Susan teaches on common, but not always recognized emotional issues and then provides solutions to help overcome the dilemmas.  Each video has a downloadable PDF for the client to work.  Susan's tools and techniques have been successful for close to 16 years.



We have key areas of life where we get to experience growth. These areas usually include relationships both intimate and non-intimate, professional, and our health. The common denominator we use to measure how good we feel in each area is how we emotionally respond to them. If you are in need of deeper work than just setting goals and talking conditional successes then this coaching style might be for you.  Over a period of 12 weeks you will create a new perspective through the use of tools and techniques shown to transform the lives of numerous women.  




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